Eramet: a new Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility Department to meet CSR challenges

In line with the growth of its activities and the fact that it has placed CSR at the heart of its strategic model, the Eramet Group has set up a new department dedicated to sustainable development and corporate responsibility.

Portrait of Virginie de Chassey, Eramet's Director of Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility

Virginie de CHASSEY

Director of Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility and member of the Eramet Group Executive Committee

The setting up of this new structure is in keeping with the transformations we have undertaken in recent years. CSR is at the heart of our strategic model and it positions Eramet as a socially responsible, committed and civic-minded company. This is not only about making our work more meaningful; we also want to turn it into a competitive argument, at a time when consumers and customers around the world are calling for low-carbon, responsible supply chains — we want to be a standard setter for our sector.

A new structure has been put in place to meet the Group's sustainable development challenges, particularly in the area of mining. This is reflected in the Group's new organizational chart:

Organizational chart of Eramet's Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility Department

Virginie de Chassey joined Eramet's Executive Committee in 2018. She is overhauling the key CSR-related activities and now heads a new entity that encompasses four areas of expertise.

Marie-Axelle Gautier, Director of Societal Impact and Human Rights at Eramet

Marie-Axelle Gautier is heading a new Societal Impact and Human Rights Department.

In her former role as Director of Public Affairs (beginning in 2018), Marie-Axelle developed the Group's institutional relations and Human Rights policy, and coordinated local community relations strategies. In 2020, which saw her involved, on behalf of Eramet, in the establishment of the European Raw Materials Alliance, the creation of the CSR fund in Gabon, and the management of expenditure associated with the COVID-19 solidarity plan, she made a major contribution to strengthening our positioning as a socially responsible, committed and civic-minded company.

Pierre-Alain Gautier, Director of Corporate Affairs and Partnerships Department at Eramet

Pierre-Alain Gautier has been appointed Director of a new entity, the Corporate Affairs & Partnerships Department.

Previously Director of Group Strategy, Pierre-Alain has contributed to the development of our operations and the structuring of partnerships, such as with BASF in 2020. His team aims to protect and develop our activities, by enhancing the impact of our operations for our stakeholders, as well as to work towards a more systematic approach to setting up partnerships and seeking subsidies, in particular in relation to energy transition issues. In this capacity, Pierre-Alain is responsible for the European Raw Materials Alliance's Battery Task Force, an initiative of the European Commission to secure the availability of critical and strategic metals for European industry.

Samuel Dufay, Director of Working Environment and ESG Performance at Eramet

Samuel Dufay has been appointed Director of Working Environment and ESG Performance.

As Director of Working Environment, Industrial Risks and Products, Samuel's expertise and knowledge of the Group's achievements and improvement plans have led to a significant progress in the Group's extra-financial ratings over the last two years. Together with his teams, he is responsible for the environmental permits required for our operations and financing from donors such as IFC, whose requirements in terms of ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) performance are constantly increasing.

Pauline Briand, Communications Director at Eramet

In order to publicize, explain and promote our activities and foster commitment among our stakeholders, our Director of Communications, Pauline Briand, designs and implements internal and external communication programs. Along with her teams, she provides support for the Group's transformation projects as well as for the practical initiatives that help us to maintain our position as a committed, socially responsible and civic-minded company.