Key dates in Eramet’s history

The mining and metallurgical group Eramet was formed in the late 20th century, but the know-how of some of its subsidiaries dates much further back. These key dates by period show how the Group was built up and developed over time, but also how it innovates and transforms to improve its performance and strengthen its positions. For details of the milestones in the Group’s history, see the PDF document at the foot of this page.

1880 - 1985 : Historical know-how in mining and metallurgy


Creation of SLN

Société Le Nickel (SLN), now an Eramet Group subsidiary, is co-founded by Jules Garnier following his discovery of nickel ore in New Caledonia and the invention of the pyrometallurgical extraction process. The Doniambo ore processing plant opens in 1910.


Creation of Aubert & Duval

Based in France, the metallurgical company Aubert & Duval, now an Eramet Group subsidiary, first specialised in forging and heat treatment before broadening its expertise with special steelmaking for major ventures in aviation and other industrial sectors.


Creation of COMILOG

Compagnie Minière de l'Ogooué (COMILOG), now an Eramet Group subsidiary, has operated Moanda manganese mine in Gabon since 1962.


Birth of parent company, Eramet-SLN

Eramet-SLN's subsidiary Société Métallurgique Le Nickel-SLN groups together mining assets in New Caledonia. It will take its current name, the Eramet Group, in 1992.

1986 - 1999 : The international development


Eramet diversifies, becoming world leader in high speed steels with Erasteel

Following their acquisition by the Group from 1989 to 1991, the French company La Commentryenne and the Swedish firm Kloster Speedsteel are combined into a new entity, Erasteel. This makes the Group the world leader in high speed steels, which are used to make cutting and other tools.


Eramet launched on stock market

Eramet enters the Paris stock exchange's secondary market for 30% of its capital.


Eramet expands its mining activities into manganese with COMILOG

Eramet acquires a 46% stake in COMILOG before becoming the main shareholder in the producer of manganese ore, alloys and chemical derivatives in 1996.


Eramet changes its capital structure

Following a series of operations, the majority of the Group's capital is held by private shareholders: Cogema/AREVA as well as SORAME and CEIR, two companies belonging to the Duval family. The French state keeps a minority stake.


Eramet changes its internal organisation

Eramet transforms itself by expanding its positions in the metallurgy sector through the integration of Aubert & Duval, which produces and processes special high-performance steels, and the acquisition of the Elkem group's refined manganese alloy production division, which becomes Eramet Norway. The Group organises its activities into 3 divisions: Alloys, Manganese and Nickel.

2000 - 2010 : Consolidating a strong position


Eramet optimises its manganese reserves' lifespan with the inauguration of Moanda Industrial Complex (CIM)

Eramet subsidiary COMILOG's new manganese ore enrichment and sintering plant enables the Group to make better use of its mineral reserves and extend their lifespan. CIM can process fine graded fractions that were previously unrecovered.


Eramet creates a scientific and technical cluster near Paris (France)

Several Group departments join Trappes Research Centre (CRT) to form a scientific and technical cluster with the aim of developing expertise in mineralurgy, hydrometallurgy and pyrometallurgy. The R&D centre is named Eramet Research in 2008.


Eramet strengthens its position in refined manganese alloys and expands its titanium activities

Eramet acquires almost 60% of the Norwegian group Tinfos, increasing its stake to 100% the following year. This leads to an approximately 20% increase in the Manganese division's production and expansion of its activities with titanium dioxide and high-purity cast iron production with the Tyssedal, Norway plant.

2011 - 2017 : Innovation and transformation serving performance


Eramet revolutionises sea transport of nickel ore

Through its subsidiary SLN, Eramet contributes to the design of a ship that eliminates a major risk for marine transport of ore: capsizing in bad weather because the cargo moves around. Eramet is the first group in the world to use this innovative ore carrier, the Jules Garnier II.


New infrastructure opened to develop powder metallurgy

Erasteel, a Group subsidiary, inaugurates a strategic new facility for powder metallurgy. The Durin tower in its Söderfors, Sweden plant is the world's biggest gas atomiser.


Startup of Moanda Metallurgical Complex (C2M)

C2M starts converting ore into silico-manganese and manganese metal, a major step for both the Group and Gabon. It's the first plant of its kind in sub-Saharan Africa.


Mineral sand mining activity starts

Tizir's Grande Côte Opérations project (GCO) in Senegal gives Eramet a new position in new markets by mining and processing the zirconium and titanium contained in sand.


Safran recognises the work of Eramet Alloys teams in designing the ML340 alloy

Safran's Executive Committee gave the Grand Prix in the Safran Innovation Awards to SNECMA (Safran) and Aubert & Duval (Eramet) for the development of ML340, a high-strength alloy for aircraft engines. The lighter, tougher steel improves engine performance and reduces fuel consumption by 15%.


Eramet contributes to a fully integrated aviation-grade titanium channel 

With the launch of the EcoTitanium construction project and the creation of MKAD, Eramet, through its subsidiary Aubert & Duval, helps to create an aviation-grade titanium channel that is integrated from mining through to delivery of finished parts. EcoTitanium, Europe's first aviation-grade titanium recycling plant, should start production in 2018. MKAD, a company specialising in machining and finishing large titanium aircraft parts, should start up in 2017.

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